Tylenol crisis Johnson and Johnson

Read the article about the Tylenol crisis Johnson and Johnson faced and how they responded to the crisis. Then follow the instructions below. Your paper should demonstrate that you put some thought into it. You should use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Remember to proofread! 

1. Briefly describe the article you have just read; focus on the main facts in the article.

2. What did Johnson and Johnson do when faced with this crisis?

3. Who benefitted from their action? In what ways did they benefit?

4. Who was harmed? In what way were they harmed?

5. You own a large amount of Johnson and Johnson stock and receive a nice dividend check each month. Realizing that this crisis will have a negative affect on the value of your stock, do you think Johnson and Johnson did the right thing recalling all of their product, thus costing the company millions of dollars? (more negative affects on your monthly dividend). Explain your answer.

6. Give a brief summary on how you feel about the way Johnson and Johnson handled this crisis.  For example, did they have to respond as they did? What would have been the long term affect if they had responded in a less socially responsible way? This is your opinion, so put some thought into it!