Bigger Than Life

500+ words. 
[Use at least 1 citation from our book or links below] 

“To understand those American films of the 1950s that seem most interesting decades later requires a careful look at the differences between the clear values on their narrative surfaces and the more complicated social and psychological questions beneath…” 
-Mast & Kawin, A Short History of the Movies

1.Use Mast & Kawin’s concept of “surfaces and subversions” to explore Bigger Than Life. Describe and identify some of these tensions and contradictions between the film’s text and subtext…

2.How does director Nicholas Ray – having little control over the script and final cut – use style to express or emphasize meaning beneath the surface? Use & cite some of the film’s bold stylistic choices as examples.

B Kite on Bigger Than Life:

Adrian Danks in Senses of Cinema:

Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader capsule: