Criminology Photo Project with Theory


Choose and discuss ONE (1) theory presented in the reading (Differential Association Theory, Anomie Theory,

Subculture Theories, Labeling Theory) .. write a 4-page essay (12 point Times New Roman font, double

spacing, 1” margins), on the theory chosen using at least 4 scholarly sources. Newspapers, Wikipedia, Tumblr,

Facebook, Buzzfeed articles, and all other non-scholarly sources are strictly prohibited.


An Introduction section

This should include your chosen theory, a definition or explanation of the theory, and why this is important.

A Literature Review section

This section should discuss the different views of your theory in your chosen articles.

A Conclusion section where you wrap up your paper.

A minimum of four scholarly sources other than your textbook.

Part B: Visual Narrative

The purpose of Part B is to visually illustrate what this social theory looks like. Your choices of

photo/image/illustration/painting should be informed by your academic research. You should use the internet to

find appropriate pictures that illustrate your topic. You will need to provide a minimum of 5 pictures. You will

create an MS Word document with all 5 of these images, along with a description of each image. Your

description should be at least 1 paragraph per image. Each paragraph should