Health care https://www.newyorkercom/news/dispatch/in-rural-america-there-are-few-people-left-to-drive-the-ambulances Write an essay that suggests three (3) possibilities for above three reviews. For each potential topic, write about why you are interested in the topic and why it is important or significant enough to warrant a long review Requirements: 2) 4-5 double-spaced pages. Final drafts of essays less than four FULL pages will not be accepted.3) Times New Roman 12 pt. font4) 1 inch margins5) A “Notes on Sources” or “References Cited” page if necessary. If you do not have a reference page, your images and research should be hyperlinked to their original source (website url) so that readers can easily follow your research trail.7) Remember the basics. Does your essay have a beginning, middle, and end? Do you address the prompt? Who is your audience? 8) What kind of examples do you have, and do they work together to build your case, or are they really just a lot of disparate information?9) If you are not able to answer the following three questions, your essay is incomplete:(1) In one or two sentences, what is the basic argument or point you are trying to make?(2) What evidence or set or arguments are you going to use to illustrate your point?(3) Why is it meaningful? Why should we care?