Servant leadership

1.What do you think your ideal or dominant personal leadership style is? 
a.Explain why you believe this is your ideal or dominant leadership style (based on traits learned in this course)
b.Discuss the limitations to your ideal or dominant leadership style
i.What are the limitations?
ii.In situations where your ideal or dominant leadership style is inappropriate, what alternative leadership style would you use? 
2.Discuss one of the following:
a.Discuss your prior experience as a leader. Discuss what the opportunity was, what you did, and based on what you have learned thus far, what would you do to improve your leadership next time/lessons learned. 
b.Discuss any prior missed leadership opportunities. Discuss what the opportunity was and why you think you missed the opportunity. Based on what you have learned thus far, discuss how you would respond differently to respond as a leader
3.What experiences do you need to develop your leadership skills? 
a.What strategies might you use to cultivate your leadership skills? Be specific. 
4.How do you envision your leadership style can optimally be applied to improve the success of your DNP project?
5.The paper must reflect evidence of comprehension and application of course content with appropriate citations and references
6.Personal reflections do not require citations or references
7.Personal reflections may be in the first person