Article 23 “Respect for the home and family” of the Convention on the Rights of Studies Persons with Disabilities and Optional

Create a narrated power point presentation Your presentation should include 8 to 10 slides. You should use at least four sources and at least two of them should be scholarly. 
Your presentation should be at least ten slides and include the following: 1. What does article 23 Respect for home and the family (of the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol)) state? 2. From your research, discuss why it is important? Why do you think that it was included in the convention? 3. Support your claim with at least three examples from your research. Two of these examples should be from outside of the United States. 4. Provide an example of research, advocacy, and/or policy efforts with respect to these rights and discuss any results or outcomes from these efforts.