Critical Thinking Skills Analyzing

  1. Describe your thinking when you need to deal with a complex issue, such as writing a major research paper or presenting a staff development workshop. 
  2. How would you describe your thinking to a nursing student or a new nurse who needs to learn how to analyze a patient situation? 
  3. What goes on in your mind when situations seem overwhelming? Applying Standards 
  4. How do you decide if something is -right” or “wrong”? 
  5. When you are working with someone who is not doing his or her job as you think it should be done, what standards are you thinking about, and what do you usually do about it? 
  6. How do you decide which authority is the highest, and why? Discriminating 
  7. How do you decide what information is missing when you are problem solving so you can better “zero-in” on the real problem? 
  8. How did you learn to distinguish the nuances of assessment that allow you to customize/individualize patient care? 
  9. Describe the thinking you use to help a nursing student or new nurse make differential nursing diagnoses. Information seeking 
  10. What are your five primary sources for finding accurate information? Have you changed those sources over the past year? If so, how? 
  11. What format do you prefer for information input: hearing, seeing, a combination of those, or another? How does your preferred method influence the accuracy of your data collection? 
  12. Describe a typical time frame and process that you used when you searched for information, such as an internet search. Logical reasoning