First- and second-generation Romantic approaches to poetry

Critically analyse the similarities and differences you discern in first- and second-generation Romantic approaches to poetry. You should support your claims and analysis by referring to the work of at least four writers covered in Units 1-9. 
• an introduction that defines key terms; identifies the texts on which you will base your assignment; and establishes your position in relation to the key issue raised in the Assignment Task • a main body in which you analyse primary texts and refer to secondary criticism to show how you came to adopt that position. There are various ways in which you might structure your essay – e.g. you might first deal with first-generation writers then move on to second-generation ones, or you might structure your analysis thematically across both generations. • a conclusion in which you might synthesise your various points; suggest how the analysis of other texts might affect your evaluation; draw some general conclusions about poetry of the Romantic period, and/or the Romantic canon.