How to develop a Historic Structure Report.

Refer to Preservation Brief 43 on how to develop a Historic Structure Report. Complete the Part I-Developmental History for the American Legation’s Historic Structure Report as detailed under the “Assignment Requirements.” 
Preservation Brief 43 
HISTORIC STRUCTURES REPORT Part 1—Developmental History Historical Background and Context Chronology of Development and Use Physical Description Evaluation of Significance Condition Assessment 
ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS 1. Develop a brief two-paragraph summary of the American Legation Building and place in Historical Background and Context. 

  1. Develop the Physical Description of the exteriors and interiors. (Exteriors include the façade, gardens, and setting.) Refer to Preservation Briefs 17 & 18 to identify and assess character-defining features and explain how the character changed over time on exteriors and interiors. Based on these features, identify the building’s style and stylistic influences. THE PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION IS THE EMPHASIS OF THE ASSIGNMENT AND SHOULD BE DETAILED AND EXTENSIVE (roughly 5-10 pages). Briefs 17 & 18
  2. Develop a brief timeline of changes and place in the Chronology of Development and Use Section. 
  3. Develop a one to two paragraph summary of the building’s significance.