Portfolio Project

Choose one of the following two options to complete this week. If you chose Portfolio Project Option #1, then complete the Option #1 Milestone, and if you chose Option #2, then complete the Option #2 Milestone. You will write and submit the charter for your project. This assignment will be graded this week. Identify the name of your milestone in the title of your submission. Be sure to review the Portfolio Project Description and Portfolio Project Rubrics for more details. 
Option #1: Application of Project Management Skills 
Write a charter for your project. Key components that must be incorporated into your charter include: 
Official project name description (use your imagination) Location, i.e., where the project is located. If you are presenting a fictitious project, you may also present a fictitious location. Project goal Business case Expected project outcome Basic timeline that shows how you will implement the plan Resources required for the project Approximate budget Communications or reporting structure. Turn in this milestone assignment for a grade. Your well-written charter should meet