Research proposal

Prepare a short research proposal of your possible research project with following elements:

  1. Topic and title: (well-defined; and narrowed to a feasible framework) – 4pts;
  2. Objectives – explain the main goals of your research – Minimum two objectives (4pts) 
  3. Provide two research questions for your proposal (4pts)
  4. Write down one thesis (a short, direct sentence that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay or research paper) essential to your research. 4pts
  5. List two resources you intend to use for your project (book, journal article etc.) – 4pts. Please follow APA style of reference 

This is my guidelines and how I want you to make it follow it completely in case any misunderstanding and if anything seems unclear pause the timer and ask for clarification it’s a very important 
TOPIC: Post-US Forces Withdrawal, chances of upsurge of ISIS in Syria and Iraq 
The introduction sets the stage for what is to come and should provide the background and rationale for the proposed Capstone – what is this about and why is it important? It should briefly contextualize the problem in one to three short paragraphs, and include a brief statement of the problem. 
Look into the back ground of ISIS emergence, very brief, than US involvement in the region, counter strategies to ISIS, Role of Assad and Iraqi Sitting Govt.
Recommended length is ~1 page.
Description of the problem. 
The second section should describe the specific problem your Capstone will address. Clearly state your goals for the Capstone (what you hope to accomplish), describe the scenario you will, and discuss how the capstone is likely to benefit the future researchers.
Your focus would be on the likely situation after withdrawal of the US forces, you can lead it in a way as Iran and Russia will be leading in the region, or turkey would be expanding on Syrian fronts etc
Recommended length is ~1 page.
Literature review.
The third section is a brief review of the relevant literature pertaining to the proposed problem/Capstone. 
Carefully select the articles you review to inform and/or support the need for your Capstone, for example: Keep it in mind when you are selecting the journal articles that they can respond to your problem defined upto certain extent. I will try send you some articles soon.
Following questions to ask before picking up the literature. 
• Does the literature provide supporting documentation of the existence of the problem you have identified? 
• Does the literature support the methodology or “solution” you have selected to address the problem? 
• Are there published reports by others who have already done what you propose to do? If so, critique this literature, and discuss how your Capstone can improve to it. 
You need to review a minimum of 5 sources for the proposal. Try to get articles which are fairly current.
If you are using web sites make sure you use it with extreme caution. Follow APA guidelines 
Recommended length is ~2 pages
Description of the Capstone. 
The fourth section supposed to describe the proposed methodology and timeline related to how you will conduct the Capstone from inception through implementation and completion. Include how you will assess the outcome (impact of your Capstone), and describe any institutional or other barriers you will need to address (e.g., some classified data which Omar may provide you). Try to write this section first so will be able to assess if we need to change few things.
Recommended length is ~1page.
The fifth section provides a list of the references cited in your proposal.