What are some ways your lessons engage multiple senses?

The information you provide should reflect an assignment worthy of that many points (100). In other words, assignments worth more points require a more thorough answer that provides detailed information. You can watch on (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE-tIdnEQHw) and read Getting to Got It PowerPoint. 
Please refer to your APA manual on how to cite sources and how to format your reference list. 

  1. What are some ways your lessons engage multiple senses? Ask your students what they notice about a lesson’s material or content (25 points).
  2. How is mediating the development of cognitive structures different from “teaching” students how to do something? (25 points) 
  3. Why is visualization important for abstract thinking? Give examples of how you could help students use their imagination to learn (25 points). 
  4. What are the instructional implications for students being unaware of location, distance, direction, and perspective? How do these characteristics of spatial orientation affect the way students gather, process, and express information?