Barriers to Collecting a Health History

What are the barriers you face to collecting a comprehensive health history so that you can give culturally-competent care? 

Sample Solution

Moreover, the investigation result should be informed to every party involved as input for improvement. According to Smith and Schmidt, “When investigating accident, success is measured by the degree to which the party efficiently receives the information it needs and is able to act in its own best interest based on that knowledge” (Smith & Schmidt, 2005, p.210). It is fits to requirement of the code, which is to publish the result of investigation to the public, especially any accidents involving personal injury necessitating absence from duty of three days or more and any deaths resulting from occupational accidents and casualties to ships. In 2008, among 44 accidents, 4 accidents which considered as major accident were investigated by National Transport Safety Committee, and 40 were investigated by Directorate General of Sea Transportation (NTSC, 2009a). Among this 4 major accident only 2 of the report are published in NTSC website (NTSC, 2009b). Last consequence is requirement to report in accordance with MSC/Circ.953-MEPC/Circ.372, Reports on marine casualties and incidents, and revised harmonized reporting procedures which is reports required under SOLAS regulation