Bridging Difference and Race Against Machine

You have read selections from the sections of our textbook entitled “How Can We Bridge the Differences That Divide Us?” and “Are We in a Race Against the Machine?” Each of the writers in these sections of our textbook intends to convince you of the truth of his or her position and the significance of the argument he or she presents, but not all writers are as convincing as they should be. Some writers fail to support their arguments with relevant facts and information that would serve to strengthen their positions, while others might fail to clarify their positions on the topics, thereby confusing the reader. Still others seem to present their arguments in a clear and concise manner that is well supported and convincing. Your task is to respond to one of these essays in a clear, concise, and convincing manner and to do so employing factual information and strong arguments.

• Choose one of these writings and enter into a conversation with the author. You may agree with the writer, disagree with him/her, or agree in part and disagree in some other measure. If you agree with the writer, you must provide significant evidence beyond that provided in the essay, not just other examples but other arguments. All of these approaches require you to use the “They say” and “I say” moves described in your textbook.

• Use a Word MLA template to construct this roughly three to five-page paper.

• Structure your paper with your purpose and audience in mind. This is an academic paper and should reflect that fact by your use of academic English rather than informal (slang) English.

• Include an interesting introduction that hooks your reader’s interest, convincing evidence of the truth, or lack thereof, of your interpretation of the essay’s thesis, supporting evidence for your argument, and a conclusion that serves to finish your paper.