Endocrine Disruptors: Atrazine

Choose an endocrine-disrupting chemical that interests you. Cover all of the following questions:

What hormone does it mimic?
How long has this chemical been in existence?
Evidence for exposure concerns in other species?
Evidence for exposure concerns in humans?
What are the safe levels for your chosen endocrine disruptor?
Any alternatives to the use of this chemical?
How important is this chemical in our daily lives?
Is your chosen endocrine disruptor involved in any social justice issues? Globally or in US? (Bioethical concerns)

What is the route of exposure for humans? For other species?
Any changes people can make to reduce exposure to your chosen endocrine disruptor? Sustainable practices apply? 
How does the concept of “One Health” apply to this chemical? (Recall the relationship between Human, Animal and Environmental health). (5pts)
What US regulatory agencies are involved with the safety assessments of this chemical? Is this chemical used in other countries? If not, why not? Precautionary Principle applied to this chemical in other countries? 
What is your personal opinion about the testing, use of, regulations and bioethical concerns of this chemical? 
These papers should be written in a logical manner, where concepts flow from one paragraph to the next. Do not just list the answers to the above questions – synthesize all the data/your opinions in a logical, thorough and concise manner. 
Please incorporate 3 Primary Sources