Film Review

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The key to film reviews, is to view the film, take notes, and answer all the questions. Your questions cover the topics and terms that we will discuss in the discussion forums. along with other assignments. 
Answer all the following questions from the film, in time you may use the some of the textbook materials. keep your notes from the first 3 chapters to use for the chapter 7 on Native American Indians. Make sure you type, use double space, normal font, and opinions.

  1. Describe the first contact between the Native American Indians and the British settlers, racially, culturally, and spiritually. How were the native people living before the British arrived? How did the colonist view the Indian lifestyle to theres. How did they interact with each other? 
  2. What did the settlers want above all? How did they go about getting those resources? What did the Native American Indians want in return? Why was tobacco so important to the settlers? How did this affect the relationship between the Indians and settlers? 
  3. In the end, how did the settlers gain power? How did they use this power? How did they maintain it? What happened to the Native American Indians when it was all done? 
  4. Overall, what do you think about the film and the first contact? (opinions).