Psychology at the workplace

Write and submit a research paper that analyzes an organization and its various aspects. You must select a publicly traded organization (E.G. Google, Chevron, Procter & Gamble) to be the foundation for this research paper. You will apply knowledge acquired in the course to explore and analyze the role organizational psychology plays in the chosen organization. The research paper should be 3-5 pages, follow APA formatting style, and include the following sections.

1.Psychologyof the workplace: What role does psychology have in the workplace?Give examples.

2.What isthis company? Describe the history and current company.

3.JobAnalysis and Evaluation Methods: What type(s) of job analysis andevaluation methods are employed within the chosen organization?

4.EmployeeSelection: Recruiting and Interviewing: What methods and practicesdoes the organization employ in recruiting potential employees? Whatinterviewing techniques does the organization use in selection ofnew hires?

5.PerformanceManagement and Employee Evaluation: How does the organizationconduct employee evaluations and manage performance?

6.EmployeeTraining and Development: What kinds of employee training and/ordevelopment opportunities does the organization offer?

7.EmployeeMotivation and Satisfaction: What methods and practices does theorganization employ to increase employee motivation and jobsatisfaction?