The role of food banks within our society

Human services organizations are, by the nature of their work, entities that are required to evolve and change. Many areas outside the control of an organization’s leader will impact the overall business of the work being done. The need for change is often unpredictable and may be prompted by a wide range of things, including a shift in client needs, a funding increase or decrease, government policy changes, or the departure of key human resources. While not every organizational change can be anticipated, it is important to think critically about what an organizational change might look like and how it may influence the various aspects of the overall operations.
In this assignment, you will review a case study of a food bank that has been directed by its governing board to make a change to the services it offers due to a lack of financial resources. You will use this case study to examine the process of change with human services organizations and the way in which decisions are made. While it is tempting to respond to this directive by seeking out other funding sources, that is not the purpose of this assignment. This required change will prompt the need for the development of a plan that will include a modification of the work being done by the organization.
Assignment Instructions
Read the Superior Connections Food Bank Case Study, linked in the Resources. After reading the case study, write a 6–8 page paper in which you address the following:
Provide a high-level overview of the role of food banks within our society, and how they have changed and developed over the years. 
Include a brief history of the Superior Connections Food Bank, including its purpose and examples of its typical funding sources.
Discuss the issues with the initial grant that funded SCFB-M. What missteps were made in early planning that could have been prevented or what could have possibly allowed this service to continue?
Examine the role of the director as it relates to this organizational change. Place yourself in the director role and explain how you would communicate and develop buy-in with your small staff, as well as with the volunteers who serve the organization.
What challenges might be faced in speaking with the staff, the local community, and possibly the media in relation to cutting this service?
What type of communication (include the medium and messaging) will be needed to inform the many volunteers who serve as this organization’s workforce?
Develop a communication plan to inform the 15 rural communities that were being served by this service. Include a timeline for starting communication, messaging, and a presentation of any possible solutions for those in rural areas that are food-fragile but unable to drive to the larger city to utilize the food bank.


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