Civil Liberties and Privacy

n this technologically advanced age, questions of privacy and government overreach are continually debated. Alongside this conversation, there’s a separate debate about how much of our privacy are we giving up to corporations. The idea of an ever watching “Big Brother seems to be shifting from government to companies, or maybe it is a title that should be shared by both. Additional concerns develop when the two entities, corporations and government agencies, interact concerning issues of your privacy. For this assignment, I want you to watch this Intelligence Squared debate about the issue of whether the government should be able to force tech. companies to turn over your data. You can access the link here: Lp-cyMukl&pbyeload=1 0 Or If you’d rather just listen to a podcast version, that is also available on the Intelligence Squared website listed above. The entire debate is fascinating, but if you’re short on time, you can probably stop when they start taking questions from the audience. After watching the debate answer the following questions: 

  1. Which side do you agree with, the side for the motion or against the motion. In a few sentences, explain why. 
  2. For the side that you agree with, what do you think were their strongest 3 points (do not rely on the summaries on the Intelligence Squared page)? Why 
  3. For the side that you disagree with, which points, if any, did they make that made you reexamine your thinking or were particularly compelling? That is to say, did the other side say anything that you agree with? 
  4. How big of a problem do you think this is? Do you think we should have an expectation of privacy when using technology, or are we accepting of the notion that anything on the intemet can become public7. An. • cyber privacy different than your expectations of real world?