Country Research Project

To complete this step, your essay and research should, at the very least, include answers, rationales, and insights into the following questions regarding your country. Organize your work into a readable and persuasive essay. Do not offer one-liners to the questions below. These are meant to guide your thoughts, not the structure for the essay: 
I. Country and Capital City What is the name of the country you are researching What is the capital city of the country being researched Offer a brief description about your country to indicate its geographical location and topography (for e.g., tropical, desert, savanna, mountainous, or a combination) II. The Colonial History of your Country What was the nature and type of colonial rule of your country? Which European colonial power ruled this territory? What were the dates of colonial occupation? What was the impact of colonial rule to local political structures? How did colonial occupation impact: the economy, social and cultural institutions, and traditional religions and spiritual practices? Describe two major events during colonial occupation and the process leading to independence. What was the date of independence? Ill Current Political Context Who is the present leader of your assigned country. What political system was introduced and what changes were made in the two decades after independence? How have the politics of the country changed over the last past twenty years? What is the current political system in place, and what are the main political parties? When were the last elections held and what was the outcome, that is, which political party gained power and which political party ceded power (if relevant)? What was the reaction to the election results among the contending parties, the populace, the media and election observers? When are the next elections scheduled to take place? Assess the state of the political system and media in the country. What is the current relationship between the US and your assigned country?