Fall Prevention Program in Elderly

Listed below are criteria that you will use to critique research articles pertinent to your research area of interest. Discuss how the investigator satisfied each criterion. Cite relevant passages in the articles, with reference to page number if appropriate. Don’t merely respond “yes” or -no” to the presence or absence of each criterion — you must provide examples and rationale for your response. I- Title of the Article and Authors . Is the title clear, including area of study and group studied? Are the author’s credentials included? II- Introduction . Is the purpose of the study presented? Is the significance (importance) of the problem discussed? .Does the investigator provide a sense of what he or she is doing and why? III- Problems Statement . Is the problem statement clear? . Does the investigator identify key research questions and variables to be examined? . Does the study have the potential to help solve a problem that is currently faced in clinical practice? IV- Literature Review . Does the literature review follow a logical sequence leading to a critical review of supporting and conflicting prior work? . Is the relationship of the study to previous research clear? . Does the study have the potential gaps in the literature and support the necessity of the present study? V- Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses Is a rationale stated for the theoretiralfrnncenhial framework?