Life insurance and investments foundation

With three dependent children, the Brocks are assessing their life insurance. Pam has $5,000 of coverage. Josh has life insurance coverage equal to approximately eight times his annual salary.
With approximately 20 years to retirement, Pam and Josh Brock want to establish a more aggressive investment program to accumulate funds for their long-term financial needs. Josh does have a retirement program at work. This money, about $110,000, is invested in various conservative mutual funds.
In addition, the Brocks established their own investment program about four years ago, and today they have about $36,000 invested in conservative stocks and mutual funds. In addition to their investment program, the Brocks have accumulated $11,000 to help pay for the children’s college educations. Also, they have $5,000 tucked away in a savings account that serves as the family’s emergency fund. Finally, both will qualify for Social Security when they reach retirement age.
Life Situation: 
Pam Age 43; Josh Age 45 
With three children ages 16, 14, and 11
Financial Data
Monthly Income: $4,900
Living Expenses: $4,450
Assets: $262,700
Liabilities: $84,600
Emergency Fund: $5,000

1.Given that Pam is 43 and Josh is 45 and they have three children who will soon begin their college educations, what investment goals would be most appropriate?