1) Identify the need to develop a solid budget and how the budget is linked to goals that measure the organization’s success. ‘Possible Source: https://library.ku.ac.ke/wp-content/downloads/2011/08/Bookboon/Accounting/budgeting-and-decision-making.pdf
2) How does the Public Safety administrator balance the continuing demand for service delivery with decreasing budgets? ‘Possible Source: http://faculty.cbpp.uaa.alaska.edu/afgjp/PADM628%20Spring%202012/Local%20government%2Ocutback%20budgeting.pdf
FINANCE 3) The notes to the financial statements provide detailed information on accounting policies, transactions underlying entries on the financial statements, commitments made by the company, potential liability, law compliance, and a host of other information. The notes contain information critical to understanding and analyzing the company’s financial statements. Find the notes to the financial statements located in the annual report of any company you choose. Tell us something unusual or important you found there. Why did you pick it or why do you think it may be important to understanding the financial statements? Please be sure to cite your source or provide a link to the source. What’s your takeaway? ‘Possible Source: https://www.sec.gov/reportspubs/investor-publications/investorpubsbegfinstmtguidehtm.html