The American Society of Training Directors

8 Assume the American Society of Training Directors is studying its membership in order to ennance member benefits and
attract new members. Below is a copy of a cover letter and mail questionnaire received by a member of the society.

a Evaluate the cover letter as an introduction.

b Identify question type, develop the topic list, organize questions by topic or type, then evaluate the scope and coverage
of the study.

Dear ASTD Member:

The ASTD is evaluating the perception of value of membership among its members. Enclosed is a short questionnaire
and a return envelope. | hope you will take a few minutes and fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible, because the
sooner the information is returned to me. the better.


Director of Membership

Directions: Please answer as briefly as possible.

1 With what company did you enter the field of training?

2 How long have you been in the field of training?

3 How long have you been in the training department of the company with which you are presently employed?

4 Is the training department a subset of another department? If so, what department?

5 For what functions (other than training) is your department responsible?

6 How many people, including yourself, are in the training department of your company (local plant or establishment)?

7 What degrees do you hold and from what institutions?

a Undergraduate?

b Graduate?

8 Why were you chosen for training? What special qualifications prompted your entry into training?

9 What experience would you consider necessary for an individual to enter into the field of training with your company?
Include both educational requirements and actual experience.