Dignity of risk considerations in collaboration

Read the following case study. You are then to complete a video recording based upon the case study. You will play the role of the Case Manager and a fellow student will play the role of the client. You need to conduct a risk assessment of the client. At the conclusion of the risk assessment you need to advise the client that you will be referring them to the appropriate service e.g. Lifeline, Hospital Mental Health Services, Suicide Call Back Service etc.
The video recording needs to be at least 5 minutes in duration. 
The video needs to show evidence of your ability to:
• Identify duty of care and dignity of risk considerations in collaboration with the person
• Respond promptly and supportively to people experiencing distress or crisis
• Work in ways that uphold the person’s rights
• Work within the limits of own knowledge, abilities and work role and make referrals to other services as indicated by the person’s needs

Case Study
You are a Case Worker at a Neighbourhood Centre. You have been working with your client Barry for several months. Barry originally came to your service for support with obtaining housing. Barry has however been recently diagnosed with Major Depression. During an appointment with you Barry discloses that he intends to commit suicide that evening at home.