HRIS software

  1. HRIS software is designed to improve the efficiency of the human resources department. 
  2. The role of Human Resource Departments has evolved to one of a strategic performer.
  3. An electronic access point to an organization’s HRM information, such as company policies, benefits schedules, an individual’s payroll data, or other records; access may be via the organization’s computers and intranet or remotely from other locations via the Internet through what are called self-service portals.
  4. It is a HR administration manager’s responsibility to generate and post government-mandated reports, such as an EEO-1 report.
  5. The practice of contracting with vendors to perform HR services and activities is called offshoring. 
  6. True
  7. False*correct answer is “strategic partner”
  8. True
  9. True
  10. False*correct answer is “outsourcing” 
    What type of assessment is this?
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    Assessment #2
    Basic Excel Formatting
    Scenario: Students download a Word document containing the following instructions. They follow the instructions in an Excel spreadsheet file and then submit the Excel file.
    Start a new Excel file. 
    NOTE: if you have a printer, print out the following steps. Check them off as you complete them so that you don’t miss anything. 
    Complete each of the following steps:
  11. Group the first three sheets. 
  12. Type in the following:
    In cell: Type:
    A1 My Budget
    A2 Month of
    A5 Category
    A6 Rent
    A7 Food
    A8 Utilities
    A9 Transportation
    A10 Fun
    A11 Misc.
    B5 Amount
    B6 500
  13. Merge and Center the first row.
  14. Merge and Center the second row.
  15. Ungroup the sheets and look at each one. Notice that, since our rent is the same for every month, we added it to our budget while the sheets were grouped. 
  16. Rename the sheet tabs as follows:
    Sheet1 Jan
    Sheet2 Feb
    Sheet3 Mar
  17. Color the sheet tabs. You select the colors.
  18. We will only put amounts in for the Jan sheet. Add these numbers in the correct place: 
    Food 100
    Utilities 150
    Transportation 75
    Fun 50
    Misc. 75
  19. Format the numbers as Currency, no decimals. 
  20. Add conditional formatting to the numbers so that those cells that are more than 50 are a shade of blue.
  21. Save the file and submit it. 
    What type of assessment is this?
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    Assessment #3
    Put yourself in the role of the Human Resource Manager for XYA company. You have been tasked with constructing a diversity plan for the organization’s new overseas operation. In 2-3 pages, develop a diversity plan and strategy to implement the plan for the overseas location.
    What type of assessment is this?
    How could this be improved?
    How Did You Do?
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