Levels of Power

PBS Series Latino Americans (2013), Episode 5: Prejudice and Pride (55:16) – http://video.pbs.orgivideo/2365076196 PBS, Capitol Crimes (2007), Part Ito VII: – http://Www.pbs.org/moyers/jouma1/08012008/Watch4.html ANSWER THESE QUESTION: To address the importance of power in the legislative and policy advocacy process. Instructions 
The concept of power is important to understand when it comes to the legislative and policy advocacy process. Based on the documentary (Capitol Crimes from this week’s Required Resources) and the readings this week: 
Explain what impacted you the most about the documentary? What do you think is the role of social workers in situations like this? What can be done to prevent this? Add in your response the type of powers exhibited and discuss how that power can be used for good or evil in policy making.