Case Conceptualization

In conceptualizing Mirlande’s situation, use the Recovery Model to consider and discuss the relevant factors that may be influencing her current state of wellness, including age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, social determinants of health. etc. 
In detail. describe your plan for assessing Mirlande’s current state of mental health from a recovery perspective. o What other information would you want to have? o What assessment tools would you use and why? o How would you assess for risk? o If needed, what steps would you take to ensure Mirlande’s immediate safety? 
Given all of the information that you have (or will gather), what diagnostic impressions would you make about Mirlande’s current state of mental health? In describing these impressions, use the DSM-5/ICD 10 and/or WHO-DAS criteria as well as other course materials. Provide a clear rationale for how you arrived at these diagnostic impressions. 
Finally, how would your conceptualization of this case be different if you approached it from a purely medical model?