Criminal Justice

lent video games may increase aggression in some but not others, says new research 
Do you agree or disagree with what the new research by Patrick Markey discussed in the article suggests? Are video games like peanut butter? Be specific in your application of article content. After reading the article, what is your opinion regarding the video game “Doom’s” culpability in the Columbine school shooting? Conduct further research into Columbine if necessary. Support your opinion. Do you know anyone that has been either positively or negatively impacted by the playing of violent video games? Give your opinion. 
Comment on at least one other classmate’s posting for each question. Be sure to say something ‘substantial’. For example, tell why you do or do not feel the same way he or she does or add more information to what he or she has said. In other words, do not just say “I agree” or “Good point”.