Data collection

This week’s discussion is based on what you have learned in Chapter 1. Please read the following and answer 1. and 2. below: 
Jan (pronounced Yari) is in an introductory statistics class. His first assignment is to collect 5 pieces of qualitative data from each of his coworkers. He intends to ask each coworker their height, weight, hair color, eye color, and the highest level of education they have achieved. He intends to record their responses in his notebook and then organize them neatly into a spreadsheet before turning the data in to his professor. He will also anonymize the data in order to protect the privacy of his coworkers. That is, instead of using his coworker’s names, he will label the data Coworker 1, Coworker 2, etc. 
Comment on Jan’s choices. Give five examples of qualitative data that you could collect from your coworkers.