Strengths finder reflection

Introduction Each person is endowed with a unique set of strengths. These assets are among the features that define who we are. Most self-assessment, self-help programs aim to help you become who you are NOT. In general these systems focus on our weak points, our flaws, rather than our strengths. This learning exercise provides you the opportunity to discover and build your strengths. Post a list of your top 5 strengths, in order and your reflection upon them. Answering the below reflective questions, among others you feel are important: o Were your strengths what you thought they would be? o Which strength surprised you the most? o Which of your strengths relate to communicating?How? o Which one of your strengths would you like to build upon? Develop a plan to build upon this strength. ***Please answer the above questions thoroughly and give detailed explanation. This professor is very specific and loves comprehensive and reflective answers. I will attach the scores I received from completing the assessment and just go from there as if they were your own scores.