Identification and Prevention of Risk Behaviors in Sexually Abused Adolescents Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression.

IV. Methodology-presents concrete and viable objectives. 
-describes the design of the study. 
-Identifies the hypothesis of the study, if there were predictions. 
-Identifies the variable or variables of the study. 
-presents the operational definition of each variable to be studied and the validity and reliability of the measuring instruments for each variable. 
-Describes the population and selection of the sample. 
-Discusses the procedure for protecting human rights following the criteria established by the IRB. 
-Discusses the procedure carried out to carry out the study. 
V. Findings from the study, discussion, conclusions and recommendations
-describes the analysis of data according to the measures taken, the research question and the design. 
-Presents the findings by using the narrative, supported by tables and figures according to the data presented. 
-discusses findings and their relevance to advanced practice by referencing and comparing to revised literature. 
-presents the conclusions of the study in a concrete way. 
-presents recommendations based on findings and conclusions. 
-Presents the limitations of the study.