Overview of HR Management.

paragraph(s), and a reference page.
Goal in this project: to synthesize all your resources learned and demonstrate your knowledge by addressing, discussing, comparing, contrasting, interpreting, and distinguishing the following on your paper:

  1. Managing Employee Competence (Heading 1)
    a. Managing Employees’ Training and Development (Heading 2)
  2. Managing Employee Attitudes and Behaviors (Heading 1)
    a. Managing Employees’ Performance (Heading 2)
    b. Managing Employee Total Compensation
    c. Managing Safety Programs
  3. Managing Labor Unions and Laws (Heading 1)
    a. Brief History of Labor Unions in the United States (Heading 2)
    b. Government Regulation of Labor Unions
    c. Types of Unions
    d. The Union-Organizing process
    e. Collective Bargaining
    f. The Grievance Process
    g. The NLRB’s Role in Unfair Labor Practices
    h. De-certification
    i. Public Sector Labor Relations
    j. Trends in Labor Relations
  4. Creating High-Performing HR Systems (Heading 1)
    a. Principles of High-Performing HR Systems (Heading 2)
    b. Managing the Employment Portfolio
    • Double space APA 6th ed. guidelines.
    • Sources or References – At least five sources must be cited. Two out of the five
    sources required must be peer-reviewed. (Peer reviewed may include journals from the
    following: Academy of Management, Human Resource Management Review,
    Industrial Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and
    Management Quarterly. Other sources may include newspaper or magazine articles 
    that are not peer reviewed).
    • Quotes – Your paper must contain no more than 15% direct quotes. The rest should be