Pathophysiology-Urinary System Disorders


• Identify clinical manifestations associated with specific disease processes of the urinary system
• Analyze urinary system disorders across the lifespan

Assignment Overview

In this written assignment, you will describe the clinical manifestations of urinary system disorders.


  1. A completed worksheet

a. Choose two urinary disorders.

Identify two urinary system disorders that affect people across the lifespan.

b. Identify sources.

Locate at least one peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal article to use and cite in your response.

c. Download the handout.

Download the Urinary System Disorders worksheet.

d. Complete the worksheet.

• In the header row of the table, enter the two disorders you chose.
• In the remaining rows of the table, enter the clinical manifestations and describe both diseases for the indicated lifespan stage.
• Be sure to cite all sources used to complete the worksheet and provide a reference in the format requested by your instructor.