Sport management policy and governance

The In-Basket Dec.-Making assignment. Imaging yourself as a manager (AD) of a high school athletic dept. and you come to work on Monday morning and in your “In-Basket” is a list of issues and problems to solve. It is kind of a “Things to Do” list. Some are more important than others, and some have to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Often small things – or “Programmed” decision-making task are quicker to complete and often can be delegated to Secretaries/GA’s/Admin. assistants etc. Some of the factors you need to think about however, might be the following: A. Are their time constraints? (e.g. does the decision demand a quick solution) B. Who does this problem pertain to? (e.g. who asked for the solution to a problem? Was it your boss? An anonymous source? A crucial health need? etc.) So list YOUR idea of what are priorities in importance AND Immediate action items. Also list what are NOT the priority or immediate actions. Then briefly list a quick way to deal with each problem. See attached documents regarding online discussion