Future Vocational Narrative

First choose a job you may actually want to pursue as a career after graduating. 
(PR Account Manager at an arts organization)

Second, choose a vocational narrative motif and archetypes that we discussed in class Use the underdog Archetype

Third, write a paper with a fictional, but realistic, story using the elements and outline listed below about what job/career/professional activity you would like to be doing five years after graduation, including: 
1) How you pursue that job, 
2) How you get the job,
3) What the experience of working that the job is like (what the people, place, culture, work like), 
4) A dramatic success or failure you may have while working that job,
5) What happens after that dramatic success or failure?

Dramatic Structure Elements Outline for Papers:

  1. Introduction/opening/ Purpose 
  2. Set up: 
    Using elements of Burke’s Pentad: 
    Agency/means of action
  3. Dramatic tension
  4. Climax
  5. Dénouement / resolution