Safety Awareness

Answer the following questions on Safety Awareness:

How does your (current or past) employer create safety awareness?
What recommendations would you make to improve or create a safety awareness plan?
Have you been involved in a work-related accident or illness? If so, provide a brief review of the incident and the results.
Identify at least 2 items you will address in your safety awareness plan.
OSHA – Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs – A safe workplace is sound business
National Safety Council – Safety & Health
My employer creates safety awareness by having regularly scheduled workshops about the importance of safety in the workplace. We are all given handouts which detail each aspect of our safety program. The Occupant Emergency Plan is a presentation which tells all employees what they need to do in the event of an emergency. It also lists the fire wardens, stair monitors and any relevant information we need to know in case there is an emergency.

The only recommendation I would have would be that the safety director would need to update the presentation in a timelier manner. The names of the employees who have left the agency and need to be replaced with someone who is taking their place.

I have been involved in a workplace illness. It occurred while I was sitting at my desk speaking with one of my co-workers and I got a nosebleed. My co-worker called an ambulance because my nose would not stop bleeding. Building management was notified and my co-worker stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. I was transported to the hospital and was contacted by both my supervisors to ensure that I was okay, and all turned out well.

My presentation will be on Workplace Violence and Prevention. Two items that I will address in my presentation is employee awareness and education regarding workplace violence and instituting a workplace violence prevention program
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