The Mekong River basin: A regional river system

Part 1- The Mekong River basin: A regional river system
Like the Danube River in Europe or the Nile River in Africa, the Mekong River flows through many countries before finally emptying into the South China Sea. Because its waters drain so many countries, the river is vital to the survival of many.
• Identify the countries that are drained by the Mekong River.
• List the advantages some countries have over other countries regarding their access to and use of the Mekong River.
• Discuss how these countries can negotiate with each other to guarantee equitable access to the Mekong’s resources (e.g., guaranteed drinking and irrigation water for all, consistent water levels to maintain fish catches, etc.). Be sure to address the impact of climate change on the water sources that feed the Mekong.
Part 2 -Oceania in the global community: How can its voice be heard?
Oceania has a population of only 36 million and a relatively small total land area. The Republic of the Fiji Islands, for example, is just larger than the U.S. state of Connecticut. How can this region make its voice heard when it is affected by global issues?
• Identify at least three global connection issues that are particularly important (positively or negatively) for this region.
• Propose strategies for each of these three issues that the region could employ to help its voice be heard.
• Small total land area and small population size have just been mentioned as challenges. Name at least two more challenges that this region must consider when coping with global connections.