The Role of Psychology in Health

Give the two definitions of health…say what is different about them 1.1, The Wellness continuum Definition and The WHO definition (100 words).
Explain the difference between ‘biomedical’ and ‘biopsychosocial’ models of health… which is newer… how has it changed the approach of health professionals? 1.2 (150words).
Describe two types of research methods used in Health Psychology:
i) Large scale, quantitative, survey, self-report type research
ii) Individual, detailed, qualitative, longitudinal descriptive case study types research
How are they different from each other? what are they used for? 1.3 (150 words)

Patient and Practitioner Interactions (350 words)
Explain ‘patient-centered’ and practitioner centered’ How are they different from each other? (150 words)
What styles of behaviour would a doctor show if she was ‘patient centered? What style of behaviour would a doctor show if she was practitioner centere? (100 words).

Show how the patient’s behaviour style also makes a difference in how well the consultation goes. (Do they ask questions? are they able to explain their symptoms? Are they worried? etc (150 words) 4.1

Non-adherence to medical advice
Give reasons why people might not follow medical advice. Consider at least three of the following:
Individual ‘health beliefs’
Ability to understand advice
Costs of medicine
Lifestyles choices 4.2 (400 words)

Research into patient satisfaction and understanding (400 words)
Here you must give specific research examples showing what health institutions can and should do to
i) Help patients understand the advice their health practitioners are giving them (200 words)
ii) Improve the satisfaction of patients with the experience they have of dealing with health professionals (200 words).
Please use any of these two research papers:
Ley et al (1970)
Boyle (1970)
Beckman & Frankel (1984)
Sarafino (1994)