Using various news outlets, newspapers, magazines, websites, apps, etc., identify a recent news article related to a topic in microbiology that you find interesting. The article cannot date back further than July1, 2018, write a short (2 pages) paper that addresses the questions shown below
1.In what specific news source did you find this article?
2.Why did you choose this article in particular?
3.Does the article refer to an original research paper from a scientific journal? If so, please state which article is referenced. If not, just state that the work has not yet been published. 
4.Identify at least 2 concepts we have discussed (or will be discussing) in class that relates to the topic you chose. In what ways are the topics we discussed in class related to the news article you chose?
5.What is your opinion on this news article? 6.Do you think this piece of science presented in the news will have a significant impact on how microbiologists, doctors, nurses, etc.view a particular topic? Why or why not?