Presentation on Kazahkstan

Research a variety of sources on the Internet to gather data on this country to assess the health of the population. You will prepare a power point presentation showing the data you collected. Please include the criteria below. The presentation should cite references (APA format) on each slide as needed and have a title slide and a reference slide. The presentation should not exceed 15 slides (reference slides can be counted after this 15). Post this presentation to the this assignment slot. 
History of the Country Location, Geography & Climate Demographics & Vital Statistics (include data for ethnic groups) Cultural & religious considerations related to health: nutrition, remedies, beliefs, practices Government System and problems related to government & the political system Economic Issues and how they affect health Health Care System: Type of health care/insurance offered and how the country pays for it. Environmental Concerns: Types of pollution (air, water, environment), Conservation issues, Major natural disasters of this country. Key health indicators: Describe the top 3causes of mortality for adults & top 3 causes of mortality for children in this country. Explain how these causes of death are related to the determinants of health (lack of employment, genetics, economy of country, lack of sanitation, lack of health care service, lack of food? Evidence of Scholarship including: clarity & organization of wilting, accuracy of content, APA citations & formatting, grammatically correct. Keep within a range of 15 slides plus reference slides