Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Create a basic pro forma statement necessary to convince someone to provide the start-up funding of the project and then use this information, along with other outside research to create a Microsoft Power Point presentation. The slides of your presentation should be visually appealing—only containing the key points while the speaker notes associated with each slide should provide the essential details. 

Summarize the company and explain CVP and Capital budgeting. Use outside resources to best explain CVP and capital budgeting. 
Identify and list the various costs—fixed and variable, direct and indirect—required to execute the project. 
Calculate the break-even point for the project and the expected financial returns. (This is the work you have been doing in the CVP template). Make sure you show your Excel formulas or provide calculations. The completed template must accompany the slide presentation. 
Include a brief discussion of key points of any intangible benefits or costs associated with the project.