New woman

n the novel Breadgivers, Sara Smolinsky is navigating between the worlds of “true womanhood- and new womanhood.- In what ways and to what extent does Sara make herself into a new woman by the end of the book? (In fashioning your answer to this question, think about these questions: What qualities of the true woman does Sara seek to escape? What qualities of the true woman does she end up holding on to? What qualities of the new woman does she embrace? What qualities of the new woman is she somewhat unsure about?) Would Sara agree with Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s argument about female selfhood in “The Solitude of Self’?
General Guidelines Your essay should contain a thesis statement in the introduction that directly answers both parts of the essay question (in bold above). This argument should be developed in the body of the paper, using abundant evidence from the novel and from Stanton’s speech to support your points. (NOTE: Most of the essay should respond to the first question in bold above. The question about Sara and Stanton can be addressed in one or two paragraphs).