Blood vessels, lymphatic and immune system

Prepare a 500-minimum word report for a parent. In your report, provide the following: 
A summary of the three different systems covered in this module (i.e., vascular or circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems)
Address how blood vessels and lymphatic organs work together, and with other systems, to maintain homeostasis.
Address how the immune system maintains homeostasis by protecting the body.
Describe the following: (Feel free to create a diagram if that is helpful.) 
The main blood vessels that form the systemic, pulmonary, and portal circulation. Include the function of each one.
The main arteries that supply blood to the head, trunk, and upper and lower limbs
The two main veins of the body. Include the parts of the body that drain blood on each one.
Trace or describe the pathway of the lymph from the left foot to the left subclavian artery.
Make a note of the differences between the T and B lymphocytes.
Identify the location of the spleen and tonsils, and include their functions.
Your paper should be formatted as a proper research paper with an introduction and conclusion. Do not simply follow the bullet points above, but really think about what you have learned and how that relates to other material we have covered and knowledge you have from other courses you may have taken.
Outline your recommendation either for or against the use of vaccines. Be sure to consider these questions: What is the difference between innate and acquired, passive and active, and natural and artificial immunities? How does the knowledge of them help you explain the physiological foundation of vaccination?
All references must be cited using APA Style format.