Cussing in Communication

Yup, one day, I overheard my daughter saying this. She was in 7th grade at the time, so she was probably 12 years old. “F&#” is a word I don’t tolerate, along with a few words referring to female genitalia. Any more, though, it seems cussing is as nondescript in conversation as using “like” or “um.” As a band parent, I’ve learned to ignore the poor language among students, but if their band director caught them…well…he’d choke them out. I’ve been known to drop a cuss word or two in class. They pop out. I also don’t mind when students use them, so long as they don’t use the ones I disapprove of. “f&#” has become so commonplace people don’t even realize they’re using it anymore. 
Arguments about the degradation of the English language aside, let’s tti already talked a bit about the different communication styles we cultivat or we may be bold and boisterous with friends. This week, let’s talk about 
Is cussing a part of your normal communication? With whom and in wiN Are there cuss words you would never use? Why? 
Where does cussing fit in to getting across a message? Where does it r How does cussing further our message, if at all? Do not worry about your use of cuss words for the purposes of this post use them to explain your thinking.