Data analyst

As you researched your profession, you may have looked into various companies that employ people with your degree or interest area. For this assignment, you will choose a company, university, school, or nonprofit that looks like a potential employer for you. You will view the company’s website or collateral (slick sheets, PDFs, marketing brochures), and you will write a brief, one-page memo analyzing the company’s claims or benefits. 
Prompts – Write to all four prompts: 

  1. What value or service does the company provide (one paragraph). Use information from their website or collateral materials to determine this. 
  2. What are the key words the company uses to describe itself. List at least five. 
  3. Who are the main customers this company is serving or trying to attract (use context clues from the writing if this isn’t obvious). 
  4. Do you think you would be a good fit for employment at this company? Why or why not? (one paragraph) 
    To complete this assignment, submit your short memo as a text entry or attached file. Be sure to list all sources for the company information.