Data Statistics

Solution part

In discussing climate change I believe statistics are very important. Obviously, the discovery of climate change was mostly influenced by scientific data and this has been analyzed extensively to try and prove to everyone that climate change is real and a very concerning topic. When I think about climate change and statistics I most often think about the values of carbon emissions and the other increasing gas emissions in the atmosphere. But for the purposes of this class and in relation to the article we relate the effect of human influence on the rising sea levels.
The relation of increased gas emissions into the environment can be considered anthropogenic. The increased gas emissions has led to increased global temperatures and in turn increased glacial melting and overall increased sea levels. This article discusses the measurement of these increased sea levels and the many variables that affect this. Overall, this links the importance of hydrology statistics to the concept of climate change. I believe these statistics are very important for our understanding and hopefully to influencing how people think of climate change and its existence

Comment part
I agree when can you use statistics to increase the understanding of climate change and allow people to see the impact that we are having on the environment. I find it hard to believe that some people do not believe in climate change given all the statistical and scientific data that proves this fact. Do you think there is data that we could release statistically or otherwise to change these people’s minds in the long run and aid in reducing emissions and starting to improve the environment around us?