John the Baptist Beheaded

Read Matthew 14:1-11. Verse 7 is the critical verse in this passage. What mistake did Herod make? What can we learn from his mistake that can be applied to our professional or personal life?(1 Page) 2.Describe your target audience for your Final Project. Why have you chosen this target audience and how do they align with your message? What research and evidence have you done to ensure you have chosen the right target audience? Cite at least 2 references that give evidence for your approach and rationale.(1Page) 3.dentify 2 or more Scriptures that speak to communicating in a crisis. Use these to write a short blog ( 1 page) entitled, -How to respond Biblically to a crisis as a leader.” Include specific actions that leaders should take in the first moments of hearing about a crisis in their company and practical guidance on how to effectively communicate to their employees, stakeholders, and customers about the crisis. 4.Identify a recent crisis that an organization or leader has experienced, e.g. BP Oil Spill. In a 2-page paper include the following: 
Brief paragraph summary of the issue: who, what, when where, and how Evaluate the communication from the organization or leader. Was the communication effective? What were the results? Were there any images used (as Scott discusses in this week’s reading) to communicate? Recommend how the communication could be improved. What should have been said? What should not have been said?