Kinds of ethics and values

Write a reflecting on the kind of ethics and values you want to uphold as a business leader. 
Think about those standards and values that are important to you. What do you want to stand for and why? 
You will upload this paper on canvas by the due date and time, and bring a copy to share with the class. Please remember writing expectations and use APA citation style. Please remember to review the course writing expectations. Some added resources to help jumpstart your thinking: Corporate Ethics In The Era Of Millennials 
http://wwvv.nprorg/sections/13.7/2016/08/24/490811156/corporate-ethics-in-the-era-of-millennials (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 
CEOs Are Getting Fired for Ethical Lapses More Than They Used To 
https://hbrorg/2017/06/ceos-are-getting-fired-for-ethical-lapses-more-than-they-used-to (Links to an external site.)Links to an extemal site. 
Why is business ethics important? asp (Links to an external site. Links 
to an external site.