Marketing: behavior change

Read ” Influence: Science & Practice”, provides descriptions of and research findings on six widely used interpersonal persuasive approaches. For this assignment, you’re asked to read the entire book and think about the approaches that are described. Write a brief and personal book report; you can organize your report around your responses to the following questions: a) What was most striking about what you read in the book? Was there a section or chapter that you found especially powerful? Why? b) Which approaches have you experienced first-hand? Briefly describe two of your experiences and assess the effectiveness, both from the perspective of the person/organization usih perspective of the person/organization the technique was intended to pi these yourself, then speculate on how 2 of these techniques could be a perspectives. c) Applications considerations: How could an organization apply these tl differently after reading this book? Are there ethical issues that should about applying these techniques? This book report may be written in the form of a structured paper or a rr questions above as section headings.